MBS Day Ahead: Light Data and Waning Participation Limit Implications


Posted To: MBS Commentary

NOTE: This paragraph will be at the top of the Day Ahead for a few weeks. Once you've read it, feel free to skip it. The Day Ahead has long been my venue to offer deep thoughts with a mix of big-picture and near-term technical considerations. I'll still be doing that, but in posts on MBS Live. The Day Ahead will quickly evolve into a more cut and dried run-down of the events of the day (as it should be). Some days are more interesting than others, so some posts will be almost comically short, depending on the slate of events. It will still contain charts from time to time, but generally just to lay out technical levels we should be watching. — Today brings the end of the last full business week for bond markets before the Christmas/New Years holiday vortex sucks out much of the participation…(read more)

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