MBS Day Ahead: Lull in Data and Fed Speakers: Calm Before Storm?


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Things are getting exciting for markets, and not simply because bond yields have returned to the core of their prevailing range for 2017 just after all hope looked lost. Some serious questions are about to be answered, and both sides of the market stand ready to react. What exactly would markets be reacting to? While there are number of potential market movers to consider, the 800lb gorilla at the moment is the general notion of "policy gridlock." This refers to the Trump administration's campaign goals/promises not being able to come to fruition due to a lack of consensus with one or both chambers of congress. So much of the late 2016 market movement is based on policy expectation that, to whatever extent policy fails to launch, markets must take a serious look at whether current…(read more)

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