MBS Day Ahead: More Fed Musical Chairs; Tax Plans; NFP Tomorrow


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There are only so many ways to say the same thing, but I'll at least update the chart to show that bonds remain inside the same boundaries we've been watching. 2.36% (or 2.35%, depending on which way you want to round) has been the lower boundary for the week and 2.40% has been the ceiling–not to mention a well-traveled pivot point. The 2.35+ level also coincides with the middle Bollinger Band (middle yellow line in today's chart). A healthy break below would suggest additional positive momentum , and the chance for the longer-term technicals to resume their previously positive trend. Recently low volume suggests markets are waiting for a breakout, both in terms of motivation, and because it could act as a technical cue for additional momentum. Motivation could come in the form…(read more)

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