MBS Day Ahead: Not Another Ides of March Headline


Posted To: MBS Commentary

People who write articles every day love holidays and other dates that offer some reprieve from the need to be creative when it comes to writing headlines. On February 14th, they can incorporate love. On Halloween, it's a good bet that you'll see plenty of tricks, treats, and various iterations of "spooky." And on March 15th, "Beware The Ides of March" is king. I asked myself if we had anything to be wary of, and I got nothing–well… nothing I haven't already mentioned. For the record, the only negative risk at the moment is that bonds choose to bounce in the low 2.6% range ahead of next week's Fed Announcement for some reason. So far this morning, that doesn't look like a threat. In fact, both sides of the market (stocks and bonds) have generally been…(read more)

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