MBS Day Ahead: Since The 1980’s, Only 3 Other Days Like Today


Posted To: MBS Commentary

I hate clickbait with a passion. Today's title might sound like clickbait. Do I really expect you to believe that there have only been 4 days like today since the 1980's when it comes to bond markets? Actually , yes… But I suppose if you want to be picky, you could say these are really 4 separate "instances" where bonds have revisited this ceiling. Some of them–including this one–aren't perfectly narrowed down to a single day. Even so, if we had to decide which day did the most to cross the upper boundary of the trend, it's definitely today. So what does this all mean and why is it happening? I think the concepts from this commentary post are relevant (and will continue to be: Why This Time is Different . The bottom line is that the writing on the wall has been…(read more)

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