MBS Day Ahead: So Much For Yesterday’s Pleasant Surprises


Posted To: MBS Commentary

I was pretty happy to have made it through yesterday without seeing or writing any "Ides of March" headlines. I can't ever quite remember what the word "banal" means, but I'm pretty sure that it covers "Ides of March" headlines as well as things like references to "green" in bond markets on or around St. Patrick's Day. Turns out we may not need to worry about much green heading into St Paddy's. That's unfortunate–almost as much as something that ALMOST happened with today's headlines. I came very close to saying something like "beware the day after the Ides of March." So while these first 2 paragraphs have been tedious, at least it wasn't another banal headline. Let's move on. Unless today is your first day reading…(read more)

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