MBS Day Ahead: The Irony of Axl Rose And The Bigger Picture


Posted To: MBS Commentary

It is the bigger picture, as opposed to day-to-day minutia that will drive trading momentum Trading levels and technicals suggest an utterly indecisive market in the bigger picture Where do we go now? Are we about to rock? It turns out to have been eerily coincidental that I opted for a Guns n' Roses reference with yesterday's " where do we go now? " question. Specifically, did you know Axl Rose was singing for AC/DC now? No joke. He also broke his leg recently and has been singing from a 'throne' borrowed from Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl. In addition to bond markets holding ground, yesterday's big news was the Axl was back on his feet for a concert in Belgium–at least for a few minutes, before promptly sitting back down again. Of course, if you listened…(read more)

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