MBS Day Ahead: What’s it Going to Take?


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Today's chart is complicated at first glance, but I'll walk you through it step by step. I'll also cover it in today's Huddle video for MBS Live members. If you're not getting notifications when a new Huddle is available, you can enable them HERE . Bonds have been consolidating for 5 straight days this week after a patently awful performance last week. As we discussed last week. this was to-be-expected (or at least "hoped for") because we'd seen 3 straight weeks close at higher yields, and we essentially never see a 4th week when the bad string of weeks occurs amid a general uptrend (we have seen it as part of a bounce back from long-term lows). Even if we don't end in positive territory this week (need to stay under 2.66+ in 10yr yields), it's unlikely…(read more)

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