MBS Day Ahead: When Will The Bad Times Be Over?


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Yesterday afternoon's MBS Recap is a good read if you want a longer and more philosophical version of what I'm about to write (click the link to read it). The short version is quite simple . Bond yields are in an uptrend, and they'll be in an uptrend until they're not in an uptrend any more. We can look at the broader uptrend that's been intact since early September combined with the potential bounce that took place earlier in October to get an idea of how much positivity can occur inside the confines of the uptrend. Or we can simply keep an eye on various technical indicators, which will generally give us just as good of an idea of potential shifts in the trend. As you might guess, the trend is not giving any such signal at the moment! That doesn't mean we're not…(read more)

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