MBS RECAP: Best 2-Day Winning Streak in Quite a While


Posted To: MBS Commentary

For the purposes of this recap, "winning streak" would be defined as a day where Fannie 3.5 MBS or 10yr Treasury yields closed at better levels than the previous closing levels. The more days in a row where that happens, the longer the winning streak would be. Without further ado, I present to you the largest winning streak since early November! How many successive days of improvement did it take? Well… just the one. That's right! We actually haven't had a successive day of gains (vs the previous close) since early November. Even then, one might point out that early November gains only came after a late October sell-off to the weakest levels in more than 6 months. In that context, we haven't really had any winning streaks in close to 2 months . This isn't to say…(read more)

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