MBS RECAP: Bond Markets Taking a Classic Lead-Off


Posted To: MBS Commentary

No NFP anxiety, markets are all about preparing for April Traders think stocks will suffer and bonds will pick up the slack Dovish Yellen helped grease the skids earlier in the week We may have already traded in a lot of the anticipated positivity 10s drop 5.8bps to 1.77. Fannie 3.0s up 9 ticks to 102-21 There are at least 2 sorts of "lead-offs" that bond markets typically take: those at the end of a trading cycle (like month/quarter-end) and those before a big piece of economic data. Today saw at least one of those and possibly both. The notion of a lead-off refers to those traders who are able to get ahead of an expected move taking the opportunity to do so while other traders are forced to hold certain positions until the end of the month. When most bond market participants close…(read more)

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