MBS RECAP: Bonds Adrift, No Land in Sight


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Bond markets are officially looking for inspiration, motivation, or even just something to pass the time. Today's events didn't seem to do the trick as trading levels drifted aimlessly throughout domestic hours. That's not to say bonds didn't move, however. The overnight session saw 10yr yields rise to the 2.36% pivot point to start the day. From there, they never came close to breaking outside a narrow 2bp range until after the 3pm CME close. This means all of the morning's economic data and the passage of the House tax bill (just the House, not the Senate) were effectively meaningless as far as bond markets were concerned. When we see surges in volatility at (and after) 3pm ET, it's a sign that trading conditions are light and that day traders had been making bets…(read more)

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