MBS RECAP: Bonds Spend Most of The Day at March’s Best Levels


Posted To: MBS Commentary

US bond markets improved in the overnight session as European markets drove yields lower around 3am. US 10yr yields fell below 2.75% as a result, and that level acted as a floor for the rest of the session. The first bounce took the form of a gradual push back in the other direction heading into domestic trading hours. But bonds stayed strong following an 'as-expected' Q4 GDP report (not necessarily because of it–after all, it's extremely stale data at this point). Rates returned to the overnight floor just after the 9:30am NYSE open but were not willing to explore anything lower with stocks making a recovery and with the week's last Treasury auction looming. The 7yr auction was one of the worst of the past 2 years in terms of it's statistics (bid-to-cover, gap between…(read more)

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