MBS RECAP: Bonds Still Confirming The Move; Tomorrow Could Be Crazy


Posted To: MBS Commentary

The week began in slow fashion yesterday both in terms of volume and volatility. That largely remained the case in the bigger picture today, despite some intraday volatility. It's no longer the case after the close of trading due to the prevalence of the word "impeachment" on the twit-o-sphere, but for now we'll stick to recapping today's events and market movements and see how early overnight volatility plays out in the morning. Morning data accounted for only a small portion of the overall movement. Bigger moves followed newswires relating to Trump's overnight tweets regarding Russia and national security. Here's the MBS Live update where it helped us. Here's the MBS Live update where it hurt us. Net/net, we came out slightly ahead, with 10yr yields ending…(read more)

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