MBS RECAP: Bonds Trickle to Best Levels in More Than 2 Weeks


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Both Treasuries and MBS inched their way to the best levels seen in more than 2 weeks today, and it couldn't be much less exciting. Today's trading range was the narrowest in nearly a month and volume was as low as it's been over that same time frame. There were no meaningful economic reports and no discernible reactions to any of the potentially interesting news stories that came out during the day. For all intents and purposes, it was merely a c ontinuation of the weekend- -a fate that befalls Mondays from time to time. When there is so little going on in terms of the "stuff" that would normally hold our attention, one of the only other places to look is the technical landscape. This means we're making observations and drawing conclusions based on raw market data…(read more)

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