MBS RECAP: Europe to The Rescue


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Global economic data is big business for the bond market these days. With no end in sight to the domestic economic expansion (note: 1.6% vs 0.9% f'cast in today's Retail Sales and another decades-long low in Jobless Claims), any recessionary risks have been pinned on the two biggest economies that have been sending the weakest cues: Europe and China. Earlier this week (and starting last Friday), Chinese economic data didn't do anything to help the cause of worrying about global growth. Overnight trading saw the China trade level off, however, thus opening the door for a raft of EU economic data to have its say. Among that data, it was the weaker German manufacturing PMI that set the tone overnight. German Bunds rallied sharply and pulled US Treasuries along for the ride. In the…(read more)

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