MBS RECAP: Fed Comments Tank Bonds in 9th Inning


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Treasuries and MBS made it almost all the way through the day with very little drama. There were some ups and downs, but by 4pm, trading levels were very close to 'unchanged' on the day. Then newswires hit from NY Fed President Dudley: RTRS – FED'S DUDLEY: RATE HIKE LIKELY IN 'RELATIVELY NEAR FUTURE' RTRS – FED'S DUDLEY: EXPECTS TO CONTINUE TO REMOVE ACCOMMODATION RTRS – FED'S DUDLEY: CASE FOR TIGHTENING IS NOW A LOT MORE COMPELLING -CNN RTRS – FED'S DUDLEY: LIKELY TO GET FISCAL STIMULUS; RISKS TO OUTLOOK LIKELY TILTED TO UPSIDE It's one thing for regional Fed presidents to pontificate on rate hike risks, but Dudley is in another league. Along with Yellen and Vice Chair Fischer, Dudley is one of the "big three" voices at the Fed that matters most…(read more)

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