MBS RECAP: How To Win Friends By Humiliating Them Publicly


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Everyone likes an intellectual bully, right? Well, not really, but everyone likes the person that knows what's up and isn't shy about articulating facts in a calm but confident manner–especially when those facts run contrary to pervasive group mentality, right? OK, so maybe people don't always like that person either, but odds are far better than the bully. At least we can agree that the ABILITY to be that person–even if you don't feel compelled to go out and educate others–is useful, if for no other times than when people ask. And if those people happen to be potential mortgage clients, even better! With all of the above in mind, if you can see the video attached to this commentary, you are an MBS Live member, or they have forwarded you an email. If you keep up to speed…(read more)

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