MBS RECAP: It’s an Uptrend!


Posted To: MBS Commentary

If you haven't seen Zoolander, you won't be familiar with Billy Zane declaring "It's a walk-off," thus beginning the runway modeling battle between Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's characters. It's not the best line in the movie and I don't think the movie swept the Oscars, but there was something about Zane's voice that conveyed finality, urgency, resignation, and apprehension all at the same time. It's with a similar voice that we could look at rates today and say "it's an uptrend!" Granted, I warned that this was an uptrend back on Monday when it looked like it wasn't an uptrend, but that warning lacked the Zane-like urgency, resignation, apprehension, and finality that today's warning deserves. Not only is it an uptrend, but it's…(read more)

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