MBS RECAP: Mortgage Market Starting to Play Like it Wants to Stay In The Game (Finally)


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Bonds digested the week's busiest day of economic data, by far, today. But markets in general are only interested in data that changes the economic narrative. Today's only real candidate in that regard would have been a surprisingly weak Retail Sales report. Since we didn't get that (it was stronger), bonds underwent a token sell-off and were quickly right back to paying attention to other things. Europe volunteered to be one of those "other things" today with talk of central bank stimulus from an ECB official. There were also a few blows traded in the trade war saga with China vowing "countermeasures" and Trump tweeting that any trade deal had to be on "our terms." No game changers there, but they certainly didn't hurt bonds. The afternoon saw…(read more)

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