MBS RECAP: NFP Didn’t Matter


Posted To: MBS Commentary

I have a lot of great thoughts and analysis about today's market movements. Most of those were disseminated via MBS Live throughout the day–especially in the Huddle video–as well as via marketnewsletters.com. (If you haven't tried MBS Live, you missed out today, and this month in general. Check it out. There's a free trial. Let me know if you don't see how it will pay for itself over time and I'd be happy to walk you through it). Moving on to analysis… This morning I said NFP didn't matter. Bonds promptly underwent a vicious little sell-off immediately following NFP. Now this afternoon, I will tell you again that NFP didn't matter. I'm not doubling down. Here's why (in the simplest possible language I can think of): NFP didn't conjure up the water…(read more)

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