MBS RECAP: Relative Stability + Moderate Losses = MBS Fighting Back


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Perhaps more than any other day in the past few weeks, today stood as an example of the mortgage market's ability to put up a fight when the time is right. As we've discussed frequently, they've been getting pummeled by Treasuries as the latter's yields fell to new multi-year lows. MBS prices are at multi-year highs, to be fair, but in an underwhelming way compared to what's been going on in Treasuries. Our thesis was that the mortgage market needed TIME and STABILITY from the bond market, and it could work with one at a time if need be. If bonds could manage to weaken a bit, but not too much, that would be a bonus. Today, then, delivered on the the "stability" side of the equation with yields trading their narrowest range in more than 2 weeks and ticking that…(read more)

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