MBS RECAP: Tariff-ic Afternoon For Bond Markets


Posted To: MBS Commentary

The title is a play on words, you see? It utilizes the word "tariff," which was the subject of much discussion and market movement today, in designating the terrific performance on the part of bond markets this afternoon. It's funny. But you know what's not funny? Using the word "utilize" too much. That's one of those words people utilize when they mean "use" just to sound smarter (most of the time). It has its place, but please, use it sparingly. (Don't even get me started on ending sentences with "at this time!" What good is that phrase?!). Anyway, that's all the commentary space I will utilize for non-market-related purposes at this time. Let's dig in… Actually, there aren't too many moving pieces today. Bonds rallied…(read more)

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