MBS Week Ahead: Bonds Fight For Right to Party under 2.80%


Posted To: MBS Commentary

If you're a 10yr Treasury yield in 2018, you don't simply have free reign to enjoy yourself at yields under 2.80%. That's a right and a privilege for which you'll have to fight . 2 weeks ago, heading into the end of March, it looked like you were up to the task. But by the end of last week, it looked like you might be having second thoughts . Will this be the week where you firmly decide if you will keep partying or give up the fight? These days, any time we have CPI (the Consumer Price Index) on the agenda, there's a good chance that any big deviation from the forecast will set the tone for rates. After all, rates have every motivation they need in order to move well over 3%, EXCEPT for any meaningful and immediate sign of an uptick in inflation . In fact, it was a drop…(read more)

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