MBS Week Ahead: Holiday-Shortened Week. Time For Consolidation?


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Much like last week , this week's event calendar is limited in terms of top tier data and events, but nonetheless carries the potential for technical momentum. The underlying reasons are a bit different , however. Last week, the risk was that rates had been super flat and narrow for 2+ weeks. The longer and narrower those sideways streaks become, the more likely a breakout becomes (obviously), and those breakouts tend to have more momentum than normal. This week's set-up is somewhat similar to the highs in rates seen at the end of April. In both cases, we'd just spiked to the highest rates seen in a long time and then saw one really solid day of improvement. In the late-April case, it was that day of improvement that preceded the sideways drift. In this week's case, today would…(read more)

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