MBS Week Ahead: Incredibly Busy Week For Data and Events


Posted To: MBS Commentary

This week is rare in terms of the combination of economic data, events, and other relevant goings-on. If someone asked me to rattle off a few of the biggest market movers in terms of economic data and other scheduled events, my list would look something like this: Fed Announcements Fed Press Conferences NFP/Jobs Report Month-End ISM Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing CPI (on-again, off-again) With the exception of CPI, we get all of those bullet points this week! About the only thing this week doesn't have going for it is the fact that July and August are typical consolidation months for bonds. Case in point, 10yr yields have been sideways inside June's highs/lows and June was fairly sideways inside May's highs/lows. With the break of July's narrow range and the subsequent…(read more)

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