MBS Week Ahead: No Relief For Bonds as Busy Week Begins


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Last Friday's morning commentary wasn't necessarily fun to read for fans of low rates, but it was important to digest for those that want to be prepared for both positive AND negative outcomes in bonds in the coming weeks/months. Click here to revisit it. Depressing as such things may be to consider, it's a fact of life that periods of rising rates will eventually follow periods of falling rates. While it's still a bit too soon to boldly and firmly declare the great rate rally of 2019 has given way to a rising rate trend, it's definitely not too soon to observe the clouds swirling on the horizon and to batten down the hatches until we see exactly how big this storm might be. In the week ahead, we'll get several key pieces of data as well as another installment from the…(read more)

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