MBS Week Ahead: Shorter Week Brings Higher Stakes for Recent Market Patterns


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Although there are only four trading days in the week ahead, they bring a far more venerable lineup of economic data compared to last week. This coincides with technical developments in bond charts that are " interesting ," to say the least. The technical considerations aren't complicated either. Overhead , we have the former floor for most of the post-election trading range in bond markets: 2.30% (specifically 2.305%, but anything around 2.30 is functionally equivalent when it comes to long-term tracking). Underfoot , there's the important 2.15-2.17% zone. This "gap" was first created in the days following the election when rates jumped higher. Such gaps stand a good chance to play important roles in the future. This particular gap already had one chance in mid…(read more)

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