MBS Week Ahead: When Will The Good Times Be Over?


Posted To: MBS Commentary

In the week just past, bonds moved aggressively sideways at long-term yield lows after coming out of the gate strong on Monday. There were several notable shifts in buying vs selling demand, but most of them were purely for technical reasons. It wasn't until Friday that a logical rally followed an exceptionally weak NFP number (75k vs 186k forecast). But even with that ammunition, bonds weren't able to make it any lower in yield than the range set on Monday. In the week ahead, the bond market will continue to feel out its will and desire to continue operating at the best levels since 2017. Trade-related drama (and an absence of optimistic headlines) has been a key source of inspiration recently. Conversely, the ongoing G20 summit presents a risk that the US and Mexico and/or China will…(read more)

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