Mergers and Acquisitions; Jumbo Loan Trends


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Today on “Jobs Friday,” don’t think California has some pull? It is home to 1 in 8 Americans and its economy is the 6th largest in the world. It has 58 counties; there are a total of 3,143 counties and county-equivalents in the United States. I mention this not to give you some trivia for Cinco de Mayo, but to show how narrowly confined the much-discussed coal jobs are: 50 percent of the U.S. coal mining jobs are in a mere 25 counties in the United States, and the number of coal mining jobs roughly equals that of florists in the U.S. (Nothing against either profession!) Bank News Apparently, we’ve entered in to bank merger & acquisition season, if there is such a thing. Things are heating up , which is interesting as the number of announced mergers this year has declined…(read more)

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