MI, Broker, IO Products; A Wealth of Freddie and Fannie Updates


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In the tech world, the question of, “What is real, and what isn’t?” is becoming more of problem to determine than ever before. The latest is in re-programming video and voices to make up whatever is said , just by typing it! Technology is a two-edged sword. What’s going on in the legal profession, technology-wise? “Time’s up. Please put down your No. 2 pencils.” After 71 years, the last time the pencil-and-paper version of LSAT was given was this month. The old-fashioned way to administer the law school entrance exam was left in the dust by other standardized tests that computerized long ago. Yet Philadelphia pulled the plug on its website and e-filing system on May 21 due to a “virus intrusion.” Lawyers are back to old-school methods of…(read more)

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