MI Industry Gossip; HUD settlement; DOJ Goes After Guild Mortgage; Guild’s response


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Regarding this week’s MBA Secondary Marketing conference Marcus Lam with Opes Advisors writes, “Obviously this is not the most important thing, but the corporate swag this year stunk. Last year we came away with nice pens, notebooks, phone stands, portable chargers, and an endless supply of candy mints. This year the only thing I received was the AIG Connective purse hook for the man bag I don’t have.” Not only is AIG reportedly trying to sell its UG group , but Bloomberg reports that Essent Group Ltd. may have an opportunity to buy Radian Group Inc. per an analyst at BTIG LLC said. Given that Radian’s stock is down 11% this year, is there value? “Radian has no clear successor,” for S.A. Ibrahim, BTIG’s Mark Palmer wrote. Per Mr. Palmer, “It would be logical to surmise…(read more)

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