Mid-Sized Bank Earnings; Conforming News; Genworth Financial Finds An Overseas Buyer


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Are you wearing an Apple watch to that important business meeting? Maybe you shouldn’t , unless you don’t mind people listening in . How much does it cost to defend yourself against a Department of Justice lawsuit? I’m sure Moody’s Corp. rating agency has thought about the cost of a civil suit, as it is about to pay for it . You can bet that Fitch is watching closely; S&P settled last year for $1.5 billion. Gee, inflating ratings to gain business from lenders & banks? The question is, has that model been fixed by those doing it ten years ago? Recently the commentary mentioned earnings from the big banks , specifically their mortgage operation. What about smaller, but still large, banks – how are they doing mortgage-wise? We had three good examples this week. U.S. Bancorp…(read more)

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