Millennials; How Every Lender is Being Helped by Rent and Household Formation Trends


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Tomorrow’s commentary has some notes about W.J. Bradley and also a stinging rebuttal to Richard Cordray’s continued reliance on enforcement actions, but yesterday the commentary mentioned some perks for new buyers offered by a builder. From Coester VMS Chris Nielsen writes, “How about this perk for new condos in Washington DC: growing closets for marijuana ?!” The real estate industry continues to wait for Millennials to marry, “bear fruit,” and look for a place in the ‘burbs. All in due time – no use rushing things. By the way, “Millennial” is anyone between 20 and 35 in 2016. How is their pay stacking up? The Census Bureau finds Americans less than 35 years old represents the biggest age demographic in the workforce, but more than 60% of millennials employed full-time earn less than the median…(read more)

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