Money Laundering Discussion; AML Programs; Builder Trends


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Huh? There is now a robot that can build a house in two days ? Sounds pretty good to me… It is certainly a step toward lessening the labor constraint problems that builders have. We’ve had a lot of builder and building news lately highlighted below. Here’s a topic that comes up once in a while: money laundering . No, not the kind where you find loose change at the bottom of the washing machine. The kind like “structuring” where someone has $30,000 in cash, pays off their mortgage by $8,000 for three months and then another $6,000, and then refinances to pull it back out. (Why $8 and $6k? Because banks are always on the lookout for cash amounts of more than $10,000.) Depository banks likes Wells, Citi, Chase, and U.S. Bank occasionally see loans and transactions that violate the Bank Secrecy…(read more)

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