More Evidence For Decelerating Home Price Gains


Posted To: MND NewsWire

The third major home price index released January data released on Monday and it became the third to post a deceleration in the rate of price appreciation. Black Knight Financial Services said that prices in January increased from January 2016 by 5.4 percent. Year-over-year increases had averaged of 5.75 percent over the fourth quarter of 2016. From December to January the Black Night Home Price Index (HPI) was up 0.1 percent, the same increase as from November to December, however in each of the previous two months the increase was 0.2 percent and monthly increases averaged 0.52 percent for all of 2016. The January HPI was $266,000 . This was only 0.3 percent below the peak price level reached nationally in June 2006 and is 33.6 percent above the 2012 price trough New York State again led…(read more)

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