More Lender Disaster Policies; Vendor News; MBA’s 2018 Volume Forecast


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We don’t eat plain ol’ “bacon” anymore. It is usually “Applewood smoked bacon.” Given the amount of Applewood smoked bacon lenders seem to consume at conferences, and others at IHOP or Denny’s, I wonder if there are any apple orchards left! You read it here first. Speaking of reading it here first, for anyone working on projections for 2018, the MBA released its volume estimates for 2018 – shown below. And here in Denver, HUD Secretary Ben Carson turned some heads by suggesting lower potential penalties for lenders, especially those financing low-income borrowers. Disaster Updates FHA has a new, pre-recorded webinar, Originating FHA-Insured Forward Mortgages in Major Disaster Areas. Available 24/7, this self-faced, pre-recorded webinar covers…(read more)

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