More on Zillow; Primer on a Flat Yield Curve: Any Change to Rating Agency Model?


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Who can you trust? Digital Journal reports new malware targets Google Chrome users with a pop up that indicates a new font needs to be installed for websites to load properly. Those who click on it download the malware. We can’t even trust the game Monopoly to be…immune from change. Monopoly, apparently thinking that “this will really liven things up & bolster sales,” has swapped out three of its game pieces (thimble, boot, wheelbarrow) for three new ones: a rubber duck, a T. rex and a penguin. But really, how often do you need to buy a new Monopoly game? Zillow chatter Yesterday the commentary mentioned receiving a note from one industry vet regarding Zillow, the CFPB, CIDs (Civil Investigative Demand), and a UDAAP charge for providing “substantial assistance”…(read more)

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