Mortgage Rates Edge Higher From Long-Term Lows


Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates moved higher by a measurable amount today–the first time they’ve done such a thing in nearly a month! Even after the modest increase, March is still on track to be the best month for mortgage rates in more than a decade. There are several news stories today that mentioned this being the best week for mortgage rates in more than a decade. This has to do with Freddie Mac’s weekly survey data which regrettably only measures rate movement in the first half of any given week. Had their data accounted for entire weeks, it would have shown August 8-12th, 2011 edging out the current week. This is splitting hairs though. Any way you slice it, things have been great for mortgage rates. The question is how long they’ll remain that way. Today’s modest weakness is the first real warning…(read more)

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