Mortgage Rates Ready to Move After Tomorrow’s Inflation Data


Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates began the day fairly well in line with the past 2 days. While it’s nice to see some stability in this environment, it’s not so nice that it’s occurring at 4-year highs. Do we have a shot at moving much lower or should you brace for more? What warning signs should you look for to help answer that question? Much has been made in the news recently about the correlation between stocks and bonds (which dictate rates). Depending on the day, stocks are said to be falling because rates are too high or rates are said to be rising because stocks are rising. In reality, rates are largely doing their own thing, and that thing just happens to correlate with movement in stocks in general. Last week’s stock crash was a different story as it did actually help interest rates catch their collective…(read more)

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