Mortgage Rates Rise a Bit More From Recent Lows


Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates were at their best levels in roughly a month last Friday afternoon. Since then, they’ve risen modestly on each of the past two business days. As has been the case for quite some time, day-to-day movement continues to be very tame. The actual interest rates at the top of loan quotes rarely change from one day to the next. Instead, fine-tuning adjustments to the overall cost of financing come courtesy of slightly higher upfront costs–at least in today’s case. In other words, if you were being quoted 3.875% yesterday on a 30yr loan yesterday, chances are you’d be seeing the same rate today, but with upfront costs just a bit higher (or a lender credit that’s just a bit lower, depending on the scenario). In the bigger picture, rates are attempting to push lower after rising fairly…(read more)

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