Mortgage Rates Slightly Higher So Far This Week


Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates didn’t move for most lenders today. Remaining lenders were just slightly higher than yesterday, thus keeping this week’s modest upward bias intact. In the slightly bigger picture, we had a fairly friendly consolidation in rates heading into last Friday and have been giving back the gains since then. While we’re technically able to talk about rate “movement” on a day to day (and even minute by minute) basis, the average mortgage borrower isn’t seeing big changes. In fact, in terms of the NOTE rate (the one at the top of a loan quote that determines the payment), there hasn’t been any change in 2 weeks. It’s only in the form of the more granular EFFECTIVE rate, which takes upfront costs into consideration, that we can observe any movement. In other words, we’re looking through…(read more)

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