Mortgage Rates Steady Near 3-Year Lows


Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates moved sideways today, taking them one step closer to officially claiming the title of “3 year lows.” Tomorrow marks the three year anniversary of the Wall Street Journal article that began the early days of the ‘taper tantrum’–the jarring move higher in rates that resulted from markets coming to terms with the end of the Fed’s asset purchases. While rates aren’t as low today as they had been before the taper tantrum, the current rate environment is excellent in its own right . Apart from being fairly close to the all-time lows seen in 2012-2013, today’s low rates exist without any Fed asset purchases and without any risk that the Fed will surprise the world with a shift toward stricter monetary policy. In fact, if there’s any risk for financial markets, it’s that the Fed will…(read more)

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