Mortgage Rates Still on a Scary Ride


Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates continued just slightly higher today. While it wasn’t the worst day they’ve had in terms of movement, it arrives as rates were already pushing the highest levels in more than 3 years. In that sense, it’s like a few nerve-racking moments in the dark on some scary amusement park ride. You know it’s probably not over and that there are probably scarier moments to come. Even if the scariest moments are behind you, that won’t become apparent until you’re officially off the ride. Within the scope of that analogy, mortgage rates are still very much strapped in. Again, today itself wasn’t too terrible. Rates are only fractionally higher, on average, and most lenders only made adjustments to upfront costs while continuing to quote the same “note rates” from yesterday. Unfortunately ,…(read more)

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