Mortgage Rates Still Sideways and That’s Great!


Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage Rates , like most other interest rates, have seen record-setting levels of inactivity over the past 90 days. The Brexit vote in late June pushed rates to all-time lows and then the jobs report in early July pushed them back in the other direction. But after one week of correction, rates found themselves right in line with the pre-Brexit lows, and they’ve been stone cold sideways ever since. That might sound tedious and boring on an analytical level, but it’s actually great news for mortgage markets. It has the dual benefit of allowing operational staffs some time to catch their breath after the frenzy of activity earlier in the Summer, all the while keeping rates close enough to all-time lows to provide excellent opportunity for any potential mortgage borrowers. In fact, the past 90…(read more)

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