Mortgage Rates Still Waiting to Make a Move


Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates have been exceptionally sideways for nearly 2 weeks now–this after hitting the highest levels in more than 4 years on April 25th. As always, the run up to long-term highs happened in concert with weakness in the broader bond market. Rates are based primarily on the prices of mortgage-backed securities (MBS). In turn, MBS movement is heavily dependent on movement in the broader bond market (where bonds like US Treasuries are top dog, domestically). All that to say: we’re not really witnessing a mortgage rate phenomenon, but rather a bond market phenomenon. Both Treasuries and MBS are trying to decide if they will try to stage a more meaningful recovery or if they will push up to even higher levels than those seen in late April. Some of this week’s data and events could play a…(read more)

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