Mortgage Rates Trying to Find a Ceiling


Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates were decidedly higher this morning, with most lenders back above last week’s highs. At the time, those were the highest rates in more than a month, although the range has been relatively narrow. Underlying bond markets improved throughout the day, however, resulting in a fair amount of lenders revising rate sheets for the better. After those revisions, rates are pretty close to yesterday’s levels. One thing’s for sure: the average lender is still definitively higher compared to last Friday’s rates. Keep that in mind if you encounter one of the many news stories citing “unchanged” week-over-week rates from Freddie Mac’s Survey (which, as you may have guessed, can run a bit behind more up-to-the-minute changes). From a strategy standpoint, today’s resilience is a welcome sight…(read more)

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