Mortgage Rates Very Close to 1-Month Lows


Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates moved noticeably lower today as bond market improved for the 2nd day in a row–the first time that’s happened since early November (when it comes to the bonds that relate to mortgage rates) his was the first time since early November. That was reassuring enough that lenders finally adjusted their rate sheets to more than match the market. They haven’t been able to do that recently due to the volatility and the general trend toward slightly higher rates over the past 2 months. The average lender continues quoting conventional 30yr fixed rates at 4.0% for top tier scenarios. While that rate hasn’t changed for more than 2 months, we have seen the upfront costs move higher and lower. For most lenders, today’s upfront costs for any given rate are nearly as low as they were on November…(read more)

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