Nationstar in Play; New Lender; State Credit Scores and Lending Changes


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The MBA sent a letter to the House Committee on Ways and Means regarding its recently released tax reform proposal. Given the tax proposal, the MBA reports (using its analysis of 2016 HMDA data) that 7% of first lien home purchase mortgage balances originated in the US in 2016 exceeded $500,000. ($500,000 is the proposed maximum balance on which mortgage interest would be deductible in the House Republican proposal.) The Senate’s version, on the other hand, is expected to keep the $1 million mortgage cap unchanged. News From Nationstar, Mr. Cooper and a Start-Up Hundreds upon hundreds of residential lenders are trying to buy other lenders . Would they be interested in buying Nationstar? Who could buy a company that size? Plenty of big venture capital and private equity funds already own lenders…(read more)

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