New Correspondent Program; Credit Underwriting Changes in Primary Markets


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Today is “job’s day,” and it seems like many people I talk to in other professions have 2-3 jobs. (“Yeah, I graduated with a degree in physical therapy, so I do that from 8-11, then I paint houses from 12-4, and then from 5-7 I tend bar.”) NPR took the Census data and developed a map of the most popular job in each state 1978-2014 . The data was also broken down by state for the years 1978, 1996 and 2014. The Dakotas agriculture, Oregon, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, as well as many others, show truck drivers as the most popular job throughout the last 40 years. New Mexico and Maryland – secretaries. Trends in Credit Most of the risks and terms that underwriters consider fall under the three C’s of underwriting: credit, capacity and collateral . Fair Isaac,…(read more)

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